An Investigation of Board-Registered CFP® Programs at Universities with Insurance/Risk Management Programs


  • Stanley Adamson Missouri State Univeristy
  • James Philpot Missouri State University
  • Kent Ragan Missouri State University


We examine course requirements and faculty resources of departments offering both a major in insurance and a CFP® Board-registered financial planning program. Because the financial services industry is becoming increasingly comprehensive, insurance students may wish to add an emphasis in financial planning. We find that, given the overlap in requirements of the two types of programs, insurance students may add a financial planning emphasis to their degree program with little marginal coursework. Universities offering both programs do not appear to strain their faculty resources.




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Adamson, Stanley, James Philpot, and Kent Ragan. 2008. “An Investigation of Board-Registered CFP® Programs at Universities With Insurance/Risk Management Programs”. Journal of Finance Issues 6 (1):23-31.



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