Personal Financial Planning: When Should You Start?


  • Jason Lin Truman State University
  • Devin Dorosh Truman State University



This study was conducted to determine if age plays a factor in the level of a person's personal financial awareness and practices. An online survey of Truman State University students and Faculty was conducted, and the data was analyzed using crosstabs in SPSS software. In general, the results showed that older people are more aware of their personal finances and have begun saving for retirement. However, contrary to other studies, older people have more credit cards and credit card debt than younger people based on the data. Finally, the data showed that people who feel that they are aware of their personal finances, generally are aware and demonstrate their awareness through their actions.




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Lin, Jason, and Devin Dorosh. 2008. “Personal Financial Planning: When Should You Start?”. Journal of Finance Issues 6 (1):109-19.



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