Using the ACSI as an Investment Guide


  • Chan-Wung Kim Winona State University
  • Mark Wrolstad Winona State University



This research uses the level and changes in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to inform investment decisions. Firms with increases in ACSI scores of >= 3 points are found to provide significantly better investment performance than firms with decreases of <= -3 points. Industries most positively affected by improvements in the ACSI score are found in the department and discount store industries. The industry most hurt by declining ACSI values is found to be the electric service industry. It is also found that firms with scores less than 75 out of 100 that achieved an increase in the index of >= 3 points had significantly better investment performance than those with scores greater than 75 that made the same ACSI index improvement.




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Kim, Chan-Wung, and Mark Wrolstad. 2008. “Using the ACSI As an Investment Guide”. Journal of Finance Issues 6 (1):215-24.



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